New government initiative offers W3b reward to combat digital piracy

In a move to counter escalating copyright infringement issues, the South Korean government announced …

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Subway fare in greater Seoul rises to 1,400 won

The basic fare for the subway in the Seoul metropolitan area has gone up by 150 won (US$0.11) to 1,4 …

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Netflix to release ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ in November

Global streaming service Netflix has announced the release of “Daily Dose of Sunshine," a heartwarmi …

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[Today’s K

Rookie boy band ZeroBaseOne will bring out its second EP on Nov. 6, announced agency WakeOne Enterta …

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北, 러시아 외무장관 방북 발표…내달 18~19일 방문

세르게이 라브로프 러시아 외무부 장관이 지난 2021년 3월 23일 오후 인천국제공항을 통해 입국하고 있다. 연합뉴스북한이 세르게이 라브로프 러시아 외무장관의 방북 소식을 알렸다. …

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[Hello Hangeul] Korean language instructors' working conditions remain subpar

The rise of Korean as a popular choice among foreign language learners around the world has become c …

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